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So this is where the Eyris steps in: With real base sounds and a screen treated especially anti scratch, the holographic screen improves the impression of depth because the light bounces inside the acryllic structure. The projection system is a short throw LED projector and the lamp life lasts more than 20'000 hours.

It's an Windows 10 full computer, that means you can

Surf over the web
Watch Netflix or other Online Streaming TV
Play any Games
Go on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Skype
Write documents and print them if you have a Bluetooth Printer
Use it Professionally

    The EYRIS comes equipped with a 3D sound system for a full immersion. The subwoofer offers you the experience of the movie theater adding bass to the wireless speakers, delivering a great sound quality.

    The Eyris comes, also, with:

    An air mouse including a microphone for voice recognition and a keyboard on its back.
    A dual boot Windows 10 / android 2K tablet with camera  can be used to mirrorcast what you have on your device directly on the screen, so you can enjoy video chats with Skype for example, and use it also as a remote control.
    The tablet has a SIM card slot.
    You can increase the 3D Depth and experience a real 3D moment and the movies will come more to life.

      The idea behind the Eyris is to converge A REAL HOME THEATER, a computer and a high quality wireless sound system (sound bar and sub-woofer), so you can use it to watch movie, play games or just listen to music with great renderings.

      The Eyris is compatible with all of the 3D systems on the market.The movie fans and the gamers are going to be thrilled with the new 3D glasses experiences.

      See the full EYRIS features on our EYRIS Webpage.

      This price is a pre-order deposit, we will inform you when the product is available and ship it when the remaining 50% as well as the shipment cost are paid. 

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